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Shiva Natarajan

Founder of Dhaba and many other popular Indian restaurants in the New York City, Shiva Natarajan, has been in this hospitality business for the past eighteen years. Dhaba, Chola, Chote Nawab, Thelewala, Kokum, Malai Marke and Haldi are a few of those popular restaurants. Shiva has showcased indian food from several regions of india like Kerala, Calcutta, Chennai, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Punjab.

Shiva Natarajan's resturants have been highly acclaimed by New York Times, NY Magazine, Zagat and Gourmet magazines. TV Channels incl. NBC, FOX, ABC, and the Martha Stewart show have featured Shiva and his restaurants.

In 2015, Shiva sold his restaurants in NYC to Michelin star chef Mr. Hemant Mathur. Shiva will work on writing cookbooks and start a brand of his new sauces.